Jun 20

At the Annunciation Rummage Sale last week, Matt found two albums (vinyl records) that he had to have. Both of them from the 80s and both by one of my favorite bands in high school, Journey. Escape from 1981 and Evolution from 1983. This is pretty neat on many levels. First, it’s great that I have a kid who likes music that I do. Second, once the turntable was hooked up, he did exactly what I did as a kid when I listened to records, he read every word of the liner notes; lyrics, who played what instruments and sang along to every song. I explained to Matt that when I was his age, we had lp’s cassettes and typically listened to music one album side at a time. There was no shuffle feature, except for those who made “Mix tapes” which was not my thing. It’s a great to share music with Matt.

May 24

First round of golf this year! Last year I played only one round. Thankfully, today’s round is at the same course, the Twin Cities TCP course in Blaine http://www.tpctwincities.com/. I shot 104 which is absolutely fine with me. For me golf is like fishing, it’s not about a low score and catching my limit. It’s the experience. Whether the calm & quite of the golf course, or the beauty of the lake. It’s an activity that relaxes the mind & rejuvenates the soul.

Mar 26

Tonight, Matt gets to go to Water Park of America, as an award for selling Christmas Wreaths and Popcorn last holiday season. I’m sure he will have a blast!

Mar 25

you get your first pair of bi-focals. Yes, it has been slightly painful over the last few years as my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I have finally given in the notion that progressive bi-focal glasses is the solution. The good new is that I got some pretty cool glasses and the transition has not been too bad. To my surprise, I am not tripping over my own feet due to lack of depth perception. My new glasses are the same as the ones picture above, minus the tinted lenses.

Mar 24

Second day, second theme. As I learn how to manage this site I imagine that I will make many revisions to the look and feel of the site. Today I will add a photo to the posting so I can see how it looks. I thought a picture from the Augsburg campus would be nice. This picture of the Lindell Library was taken by our staff photographer Stephen Geffre www.stephengeffre.com.

Mar 23

Well friends, the site you may have come to know and love is gone. In an effort to get with the times, I have converted the site to a WordPress blog. I am determined to learn this on my own. That said, the site will likely go through many revisions over the next few weeks. Stay tuned. K

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